Leverage Expired Shrink Data Into Action

Achieve long-term savings and loss prevention milestones with informed decisions on product assortment and shelf capacity.


Your KPI hub - savings, ROI, labor hour usage, pace, Top 5 expired items, and more

Top Expired

Rank expired losses by comparing net expired shrink to sales ratios per SKU. Some items you’ll want to discontinue - others just need reduced shelf capacity to improve turn.

High Risk

Quickly identify products with a projected loss of $50 or greater, where traditional markdowns likely won’t cut it. Viewable online and delivered to store management emails daily.

User Performance

An automatic timeclock tracks each user’s active time in Date Check Pro, broken down into hours and pace, plus additional metrics to ensure the work is being done accurately.

Time Estimate

View projected labor hours needed to complete date checks this week and next, based on each store’s average pace.

Weekly Scorecard

Overall letter grade per store with additional KPIs and commentary, delivered to your inbox every Monday, by a real person.

Tax Deductions

The Enhanced Food Donation Tax Deduction enables you to deduct Cost + 50% of Margin on food donations (even on expired items). Easily itemize every donation and make your accountant happy.