Spot Checker

Skip the random spots checks and finger crossing that stockers rotate. Get proactive in managing expiration dates with a UPC specific list of expired and close dated products broken down by location throughout the store. Quickly remove any expired items and remerchandise items expiring soon to ensure they sell prior to becoming shrink.

Smart Markdowns

Use historical sales data to determine the best action for close dated products. Will they sell before expiring? Yes – great, rotate; no markdown needed. No – Date Check Pro prompts the date checker to follow your company specific markdown process, including the markdown amount.

Stop Waste Together

Every year, the U.S. wastes 160 billion pounds of food. Our mission is just as much about preventing this food waste as it is about helping retailers save money. That is why we launched Stop Waste Together. This initiative provides retailers with a template marketing campaign to promote their efforts to prevent food waste to their customers. It includes in store signage to raise awareness about the program as well as coupons and shelf talkers to drive sales on soon to expire items.

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Closed Loop Process

Our focus is always the next closest date expiring on shelf rather than every date for every UPC. That means no labor wasted scanning each new case received. Yup, seriously, no scanning. After a date check is finished, the next closest date is entered in the app, and the next notification is automatically created based on department and category setting you control.

Full Management Option

Reap the shrink savings benefit without any of the day-to-day work. Our full-service team is ready to manage everything from install to weekly date checking. Their single task focus means maximum efficiency and effectiveness, while keeping your staff focused on higher priority tasks such as helping customers.

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Date Check Pro works as a partner to help fulfill our promise to always provide the highest quality and freshest products to our customers. I highly recommend their full service solution to make a meaningful improvement in your stores with an ROI to back it up. "

Kevin Metcalfe

Co-Owner, Metcalfe's Markets