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Date Check Pro & MCA Partner on Shelf Life Management

"To help grocers better manage their product expiration dates, Pinpoint Software, Inc (Date Check Pro) is bringing its expiration-date program to retailers and CPG brands across North America as a fully managed solution, thanks to its partnership with Merchandising Consultants Associates (MCA)."

3 Overlooked Reasons Your Labor Costs Keep Increasing

This Executive ViewPoints contributing article by our CEO, Andrew Hoeft, focuses on three common causes of labor cost creep - inefficient scheduling, hidden costs of customer service in the aisles, and breaking down stocking time into individual activities including time spent specifically on spot checking dates while stocking.
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Raley's Expands Expiration Software to All Stores

The grocer was after a technology-based solution to support inventory management, having previously improved its operational efforts for out-of-code items to include thorough associate training and auditing processes to best manage the disposal of such items.

19 Wisconsin Startups to Watch in 2019​

WisconsinInno named Pinpoint and Date Check Pro as one of 19 Wisconsin startup companies to watch in 2019. Check out the full list in the article.

Special Report: Making Sense of Food Labels & Food Waste

Fox connected with Metcalfe’s for their insights on helping consumers better understand the variety of expiration date formats, and share how they use Date Check Pro and Stop Waste Together to fight food waste.

Grocery Software to Prevent Expired Food Gets Big Upgrade

Pinpoint launched its new platform for Date Check Pro after more than a year of development, bringing significant improvements to ease of use, reporting, and even automated sales based merchandising decisions.

25 Wisconsin Software Companies to Watch

Epic Presence named Pinpoint and Date Check Pro as one of 25 Wisconsin companies to watch in 2017. Check out the full list in the article.

Metcalfe's Markets Launches Stop Waste Together

Metcalfe’s Market, with stores in Madison and Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, has become the first official partner of Stop Waste Together in an effort to prevent food waste created by expired products from grocery shelves.
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Metcalfe's Seeks to Reduce Food Waste

Metcalfe’s Market has partnered with the Stop Waste Together program, an effort to reduce the estimated $165 billion worth of food wasted annually. The initiative encourages customers to save between 20 percent and 30 percent by purchasing specially marked, soon-to-expire items throughout the store.

Madison Companies Put Technology In Grocery Aisles

Three Madison companies, Pinpoint, Fetch, and GrocerKey are focused on improving the way grocers do business. From targeted mobile coupons to expiration date management.