An average 41,000 square foot store has 1,631 expired items on the shelf in the center store alone.

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A glimpse into your reports...

Markdown / Expired

View shrink and savings on a per SKU basis over any given timeframe. Easily order the report to see items having the worst impact on your bottom line, or filter down by department and/or store.

User Performance

An automatic timeclock tracks active time in Date Check Pro, which is then broken down into performance metrics such as pace and total hours used by person or store. We even monitor for abnormal usage so you can be proactive in identifying and correcting training gaps.

Tax Deductions

Take advantage of the new Enhanced Food Donation Tax Deduction (generally cost + 50% of margin). Each expired item donated is properly tracked to make filing easy with an audit trail to back it up.

Top Expired

When expired shrink overshadows sales, you need to know. View top loss items as a shrink to sales ratio over a rolling quarter or year to determine if a reduction in facings or discontinuing the product entirely is needed.

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