Date Tracker

Attain A Laser-Focus On The Inventory Expiring Soon

Skip the random spot checks and finger crossing that your stockers will actually rotate

Close Dated Notifications

Flip the script on expired shrink

Smart Markdowns

Enter how many units are expiring soon, and the app instantly calculates the most profitable action - markdown or rotate only. All based on store and SKU specific sales history. If you prefer coupon-based markdown, the app even prompts the correct coupon amount to be applied.

Guided Process

Work efficiently with notifications broken down by aisle, section, and shelf, product images to help identify the right item quickly, and a learn-on-the-go guided process that uses simple Yes/No questions and prompts to guide you through every step.

Mobile App

Access for all devices. Apple and Android apps for peak performance and offline support. Web app for Windows devices or viewing reports from a PC.