3 Key Takeaways from NRF 2019

The world of retail is ever-changing. With each year comes a new host of strategies and tactics to consider, new ways to understand consumer thoughts and purchasing habits, and new technology that sets out to make us more efficient and effective.

The one event that sets the stage for the upcoming year in retail is the National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show, which just concluded its 2019 event. While we took away many lessons about how grocers should adapt to changes within the world of retail, there were a few overarching takeaways that we wanted to call out that affect the entire industry.

5 Lessons for Grocers From NRF 2019: Retail’s Big Show

The annual National Retail Federation (NRF) Big Show is a prime opportunity for grocers to come together, share knowledge, and ideate on growing trends and ways to capitalize on them in the upcoming year. Executives from some of the world’s largest retailers take the stage and share their expertise, providing attendees and exhibitors with enough takeaways to spur strategic decisions throughout the year, and create products, campaigns, and content that inspires consumers and drives industry innovation.

How Blockchain is Improving Traceability & Trust in the Supply Chain

Since the emergence of the cryptocurrency Bitcoin, industry publications have touted its underlying its ledger system, blockchain, as a revolutionary technology poised to change the way commercial transactions and other vital processes are handled.

But if you’ve tried to wrap your heads around exactly what blockchain is, or how it works––let alone how it can impact the grocery world––you’ve likely realized it isn’t a technology that’s easily explained in the short blurb we’d like it to be.

Millennials & Grocery: Shopping Trends for 2018

Millennials & Grocery: Shopping Trends for 2018

Just about every industry is trying to figure out how millennials stand to disrupt traditional norms and buying habits––including the grocery and broader retail world. For grocers looking to orient themselves within the broader supermarket and retail environment in 2018, we’ve gathered recent industry data to highlight the trends that are most likely to solidify…


3 Lessons from Walmart on the Future of Grocery Store Shrink Control

In 2015, Walmart reported $300m in revenue lost to theft alone. When combined with other contributors to total shrink, it’s no wonder why the retailer has recently launched a series of new initiatives to get a better handle on these losses. Like other retailers, both large and small, Walmart’s plan to combat the industry’s alarmingly…

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How Grocers Can Manage Untrained and Overwhelmed Holiday Staff

This post is excerpted from our latest eBook, The Top 5 Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Problems Faced by Supermarkets During the Holiday Season. The holidays put an increased burden on existing and seasonal staff and create opportunities for theft by both shoppers and employees. Follow the strategies below to minimize the stress put on…

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4 Actions Grocers Should Take to Reduce Holiday Theft

This post is excerpted from our latest eBook, The Top 5 Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Problems Faced by Supermarkets During the Holiday Season. The holiday season brings more sales for grocers and supermarkets, but also brings a dramatic increase in property crimes and theft including shoplifting. Larger U.S. cities have reported a shocking 45…

3 Automated Reports Grocers Should Be Sending To Their Department Leaders

As technology makes it easier to both gather data from supermarket operations and pull actionable insight from that data, some grocers are exposing this information to department leaders in each of their stores to drive improvement from the ground up. We sat down with Chad Knutson, Asset Protection Profit Improvement Manager at Wisconsin’s Festival Foods, to…

Study: Online Grocery Shopping Hasn’t Taken Off — Yet

While Amazon’s recent acquisition of Whole Foods Market has a lot of grocers wringing their hands, new data from Gallup suggests the vast majority of Americans aren’t ready to do their grocery shopping online in 2017. The Gallup survey, conducted in July 2017, shows 9% of Americans say they order groceries online at least once…

3 Out-Of-Box Analytics Platforms Grocers Can’t Ignore

It can be hard to stay on top of the latest advancements in grocery store data technology. With recent advancements in CCTV technology and loyalty programs — not to mention the rapidly-changing habits of 21st century consumers — analytics platforms that help inform supermarket business decisions might be pushed to the back burner. If you…