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Expired Shrink Prevention Strategies for Community Grocers

3 Expired Shrink Prevention Strategies that Can Help Your Community

Many retail operations are created with the business in mind. We have implemented procedures in order to make our stores run more efficiently, and in a more cost-effective manner. When we originally put together those processes, we were considering how the business would be affected by the results.

That mindset is being flipped on its head as we get closer to 2020. The focus of supermarkets across the country needs to shift, placing the spotlight on our customers instead of our internal workings.

How 2019 Diet Trends Impact Expired Shrink

“What’s for dinner?”

What has always been a question fraught with an overwhelming number of answers has become even more mind-boggling over the past few decades as Americans have adjusted their meals to fit dietary molds. The idea of “dieting” first became mainstream after World War II, when charts emerged that proclaimed there were ideal weights for individuals depending on their heights.

Comparing Top Markdown Methods for Short Dated Inventory

When it comes to choosing how a store, or even if, a store should markdown products expiring soon, there are many options to choose from and factors to consider. Are your shoppers drawn by big savings, or is the focus more on an upscale shopping experience? How much product will need to be marked down in any given week? Will you use the same strategy across all departments, or vary it based on storage requirements? Just to name few.

Save Some Dough – Reducing Dairy Dough Shrink

Have you ever walked into your dairy cooler and found a bunch of expired doughs among everything that had been pulled for the day?  This section of the store can generate shrink for a few different reasons, and we are going to walk through some of the tips and tricks of what to watch for and how to combat higher loss in this area.

Identifying Top Expired Grocery & Dairy Categories

Expired products spring up in every corner of a grocery store. Yet, there are key areas with a higher than usual density. These hot spots must remain top of mind to ensure a quality and fresh shopping experience. And while many of the influencing factors remain outside of a stores control – such as seasonality and declining category sales – how a store learns from these losses and improves management is paramount.

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Survey Result: Expired products hurt sales, not just shrink

This post is excerpted from our latest eBook, The Impact of Expired Products on Supermarket Sales & Shopping Behavior: A 2018 Survey Report. We recently completed a market study surveying grocery shoppers on actions they take upon finding expired food items at a grocery store. This post will examine a particular finding from the survey….


The Growing Problem of Organic Food Expiration: What AP/LP Professionals Need to Know

Organic foods, particularly produce, have risen in popularity among grocery shoppers throughout the past few years. According to the latest numbers from the Organic Trade Association, organic sales in the United States in 2016 reached about $47 billion, reflecting new sales of almost $3.7 billion—a clear surge as the food market overall remained stagnant. While…

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4 Ways Supermarkets Can Build a Shrink Elimination Culture

Supermarket and retail shrink is a battle that may never truly end, but is increasingly being better handled by companies investing themselves in finding new ways to reduce it.

We’ve covered some of the specific tools and strategies supermarkets and retailers are using to win the war on shrink, but this time, we thought we’d step back to consider how leaders can power their shrink elimination efforts by making it a core pillar of their company culture.

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How Grocers Can Address Counterfeit

This post is excerpted from our latest eBook, The Top 5 Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Problems Faced by Supermarkets During the Holiday Season. The use of counterfeit bills increases during the holidays. The large uptick in transactions during the holiday season means that stores can expect a reciprocal increase in customers using counterfeit cash….

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3 Ways Grocers Can Prevent Increased Holiday Fraud

This post is excerpted from our latest eBook, The Top 5 Asset Protection and Loss Prevention Problems Faced by Supermarkets During the Holiday Season. Instances of fraud increase during the holiday season. Fraud is not always easy to catch the moment it happens, but training employees to follow standard procedures and always be vigilant can…