Loss Prevention Strategies

How to Eliminate Shrink This Holiday Season

Like other retailers, grocers and supermarkets find the holidays to be one of the most prosperous seasons of the year. But with more store traffic comes greater pressure to protect store assets and prevent loss. Along with more sales, the holidays also bring a dramatic increase in property crimes and theft including shoplifting. Larger U.S….

The Product Expiration Blind Spot

The Product Expiration blind spot at supermarkets today are caused by multiple issues that include: A Lack of Priority from Management and Associates at the Store level A Lack of Urgency to Implement Solutions at the Corporate level Trends of Increased Product Line Expansion Current Ineffective Solutions In this article, we unpack these four issues…

CARES Act: What Grocers Need to Know

By now, all grocers should be aware of the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security Act), the $2 trillion economic relief plan passed by the U.S. Senate this past March. While the $1,200 stimulus check is definitely the most popular feature, grocers are rejoicing at the correction of the “retail glitch.” Included in…

How Plant-Based Products affect Expired Loss

With every new grocery trend comes a necessary round of conversations: “Who will our distributors be?” “How are we going to market this product category?” “Where should it be merchandised in our stores?” There’s one question that is usually left out of these conversations, but could have the largest impact on your bottom line: “How…

How to Train Employees to Be Loss Prevention Advocates

Loss prevention is a constant source of worry in the retail space – and therefore an incredible place to innovate. The strategies that have long been associated with this department have grown a bit stagnant, and it’s high time that grocers took a good hard look at their loss prevention mindset. One strategy that we…

Why You Need to Update Your Loss Prevention Strategy for 2020

What comes to mind when you think of loss prevention? Is it fraud? Customer or employee theft? Damaged product? Grocery has been treating loss prevention the same way for decades, focusing on the negative aspects of business that result in, well, loss. We teach our employees how to identify potential threats, how to prevent customers…

How Personalization Data Will Help You Decrease Shrink

Reducing shrink in a grocery store can seem like an almost impossible task. While the retail industry in general is plagued with loss prevention woes, grocery can be even more difficult to monitor simply because of the nature of its products. Customers can eat products before purchasing them and items can even go bad on…

How Community Clout Can Be Used as a Loss Prevention Tool

When you think of loss prevention, you think of the obvious operational strategies against shoplifting, fraud, employee theft, and administrative errors. It’s likely that, as a retailer, you have many systems in place to stay informed about loss in your store, and to act when you’re alerted to an attempted theft. However, hard touch loss…

Expired Shrink Prevention Strategies for Community Grocers

3 Expired Shrink Prevention Strategies that Can Help Your Community

Many retail operations are created with the business in mind. We have implemented procedures in order to make our stores run more efficiently, and in a more cost-effective manner. When we originally put together those processes, we were considering how the business would be affected by the results.

That mindset is being flipped on its head as we get closer to 2020. The focus of supermarkets across the country needs to shift, placing the spotlight on our customers instead of our internal workings.

How 2019 Diet Trends Impact Expired Shrink

“What’s for dinner?”

What has always been a question fraught with an overwhelming number of answers has become even more mind-boggling over the past few decades as Americans have adjusted their meals to fit dietary molds. The idea of “dieting” first became mainstream after World War II, when charts emerged that proclaimed there were ideal weights for individuals depending on their heights.