Food Waste

Shopper in a grocery store

Educating and Incentivizing Customers to Minimize Food Waste

This is a guest post in collaboration with RTS. See the bottom of this post for an author’s bio. Food waste is a worldwide problem. Throughout the food production process, there is some amount of lost or wasted food. To avoid lowering prices, farmers may decide to discard some produce or not harvest it at…

MCA & Date Check Pro Announce North American Partnership

Pinpoint Software Inc. and MCA (Merchandising Consultants Associates) announced a strategic North American Partnership to help grocery retailers and manufacturers better manage product expiry dates in-stores. Madison, Wisconsin – November 18rd 2020 Pinpoint Software, Inc., provider of the leading expiration date management solution for grocery stores, Date Check Pro and MCA (Merchandising Consultants Associates), a…

How Date Check Pro is Changing the Scope of Sustainable Grocery Shopping

Did you know that $165 billion worth of food is wasted each year in the US, or that 40% of the food produced in the US goes uneaten? Food waste happens at every stage of the supply chain – not just at home – and unfortunately, a large amount of food waste comes from grocers…

How Imperfect Foods Doubled Demand During the COVID Pandemic

Since January of 2020, San Francisco-based Imperfect Foods has seen “more than a 40% growth” in its active user base, says VP of Merchandising Ed O’Malley. The food subscription service that currently serves 400,000 subscribers in 38 states says that its weekly order volumes have doubled, resulting in the company being on track to save…

2020 Grocery Trends: Zero Waste

There has never been more talk about food waste, and that trend will only continue to evolve and expand in 2020. Sustainability is a key issue for shoppers (56% of grocery consumers surveyed by Oracle said a key influence on their brand loyalty is knowing that retailers are acting sustainably) – and it’s high time…

Earth Day 2019: 5 Tips to Diminish Food Waste

On Earth Day 2019, the challenges that our environment is facing are more prominent than ever. The modern news cycle keeps us aware of every imminent threat to the health of our planet, and it can be overwhelming to consider the far-reaching consequences of every action we take.

As a member of the grocery industry, we’ve chosen to use this day to focus on a key issue that our community is contributing to, and has the power to change: food waste.

Food Waste-Free Experience Creates Customer Loyalty

How a Food Waste-Free Experience Creates Customer Loyalty

One of the most-discussed trends in retail is the collective shift toward seeking customer loyalty over a one-time sale. There’s good reason for the conversation: according to a study by Edelman, loyal customers will spend up to 67% more with your brand than new customers. It’s not about bringing new faces into your store in 2019 – it’s about convincing them to keep coming back.

Grocers are aware of the impact of customer loyalty, and are turning to unique business strategies in order to develop that connection. One such strategy is becoming food waste-free.

What is Stop Waste Together?

The grocery industry has faced its fair share of challenges over the past few decades. Digitization has caused many shoppers to adjust their purchasing habits in favor of e-commerce solutions, technology has raised the stakes on in-store personalization, and a renewed focus on sustainability has raised standards for grocers across the country.

Effects of Expiration Dates on Purchasing Decisions

Recent research found 51% of shoppers expect a remaining shelf life of eight (8) or more days if paying full price for perishable food products, while 73% said they expected at least 15 days on non-perishable (center store grocery, OTC/Vitamin) products. The study done by UW-Whitewater in partnership with Date Check Pro provides grocers with a rare insight into how expiration dates and shelf life impact a shopper’s willingness to pay.

Save Some Dough – Reducing Dairy Dough Shrink

Have you ever walked into your dairy cooler and found a bunch of expired doughs among everything that had been pulled for the day?  This section of the store can generate shrink for a few different reasons, and we are going to walk through some of the tips and tricks of what to watch for and how to combat higher loss in this area.