Alyssa Tollefson

Less is More: 3 Reasons Less Choices For Consumers Leads to More Sales

According to Insights from the 2021 Dunnhumby Retailer Preference Index, shoppers correlate speed of transaction (i.e. the time from entering to exiting a retailer) with safety. So, retailers with efficient floor plans and speedy checkouts saw an increase in consumer satisfaction in 2020 due to fear caused by COVID-19.  It’s clear that consumers are looking…

Shopper in a grocery store

Educating and Incentivizing Customers to Minimize Food Waste

This is a guest post in collaboration with RTS. See the bottom of this post for an author’s bio. Food waste is a worldwide problem. Throughout the food production process, there is some amount of lost or wasted food. To avoid lowering prices, farmers may decide to discard some produce or not harvest it at…

Infographic: Shrink and Expired Products

On average $61,000 are lost to expired products in each grocery store per year. Date Check Pro has done a combination of compiling existing research, and collecting some of our own to put together the featured infographic to show how expired products really do affect shrink and a grocery store’s bottom line.  The good news…

What should we do with the leftovers of over production?

As children grocery shopping with mom or dad, we all would take a gander at the cakes as our parents strolled through the bakery department.  A lot of the cakes had room for customization for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, etc.  But what happened to the cakes if the name John wasn’t supposed to have the ‘h’ in it?  Does it simply get thrown away?  We were curious to find out, so we decided to do our own study.