Top 10 Grocery Items in America

Although living standards have changed over the past few decades, the consumption habits of Americans have largely remained the same. Many customers are still buying the staples that they grew up with, bound to a consumption routine that feels comforting and familiar. This means that, although definitions of health have shifted,  grocers can still guess what people’s shopping baskets will look like most weeks. These are the top 10 grocery items in America.

Top 10 Grocery Items in America

1. Soda

It’s amazing that soda is the most common item purchased in American grocery stores. The soda market is so huge that available figures indicate consumers purchase an incredible $12 billion worth of soft drinks per year. When a store introduces a soda sale, they can count on receiving many customers, who often end up buying other items.

2. Milk

We Americans love our milk! Whether we consume it directly, on our coffee or with other beverages, you can count on customers picking up a pint or two of milk. The health benefits of the drink are well-known and, as a result, Americans spend up to $11.2 billion on milk annually.

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3. Bread

Many American households consider bread to be part of their staple diet. While there are health concerns with many people choosing whole brown bread over white bread, most shoppers won’t leave the store without first picking up a loaf or two.

4. Beer

Whether they’re watching the game or just making conversation, Americans love having a beer as they relax.

5. Salty snacks

Even with all the warnings about indulging in salty and fatty snacks, many people cannot resist picking up these cleverly packaged items. The supermarkets usually place the products right next to the till, making it hard to say no.

6. Cheese

When looking for a healthy purchase, nothing beats buying some cheese. You might be surprised to learn that Americans consume cheese worth about $7.6 billion per year.


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7. Frozen dinners

It seems people are getting busier by the day and will not hesitate to pick up a frozen dinner since they don’t have the time to cook.

8. Cereals

Children have a powerful say in the type of food consumed in a household. Their love for cereals is well documented, making the product a best-seller.

9. Wine

Although not as popular as beer, many people still put wine on their shopping list.

10. Cigarettes

Despite being frowned on by society, the consumption of cigarettes still goes on unabated and accounts for a substantial portion of the American grocery budget.

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