Customer Satisfaction

All Age Consumers are Adopting Millennial Behavior

At 80 million, Millennials make up the largest demographic group.

Though some argue that change within industries should cater towards the spending power of the older generations, the younger millennial group, seems to be the focus of new studies, conferences, and recommendations on how brands should conduct a proper strategic plan to attract their attention and gain their business.

American Shifting Beliefs about Food Issues

The International Food Information Council Foundations’ 2016 Food and Health Survey suggested that a significant amount of Americans have changed their minds and or their behaviors toward issues of nutrition and foods within the last year.

Expiration Date Horror Stories

With Halloween quickly approaching, we thought it might be appropriate to highlight the “horror stories” that can come from having expired products in your stores. We will not focus on anyone that is still in business, but there are examples out there of news crews going into grocery stores and publicizing the expired products that they find. No one wants to be identified as a store that sells expired products, but what can that look like if it happens?

Expired Food Complaints – Do Customers Think It’s Worth It?

When we talk with grocers, we often have a discussion about how much they are losing to shrink every year due to expired food.  Some can give you a general volume of how much ends up in the back room in a given month, and others can give you an exact dollar amount they lost last year.  While its great when grocers are tracking their finances down to that level, there is a category of expired products that get accounted for elsewhere in the finances: sales.  In reality, if you are finding expired products on your shelf, customers are too, and some of them are purchasing it.

It’s Not Just Your Average Grocery List App!

AnyList is a new & improved grocery list app!

These days there is an app for just about anything, and this includes grocery shopping.  One that we would like to share is AnyList, an app that lets the user share and update grocery lists with other AnyList users.  In addition, this app allows the user to look up a recipe and add the needed items to his or her grocery list.

What is Date Check Pro?

If you have never heard of Date Check Pro, you probably have several questions like “What is Date Check Pro?” “How does it help?” and “Where did Date Check Pro come from?” Well, read on my friend, read on!

If you have ever worked as a grocery stocker, you know the pains of product rotation and checking for expired products, and you probably thought to yourself, there has to be a better way!